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Biggi Vinkeloe and Friends

Why Not Jazz Room, 14 Christopher St., New York


Swedish saxophonist Biggi Vinkeloe visits New York. Two sets of improvised music; I'll be on the 2nd set.

7 pm Daniel Carter - Jair-Rohm Parker Wells Duo 8:30 pm Same as above, plus Biggi Vinkeloe and me!

$10 cash cover for the entire evening. What a bargain.


Evening of Duos

Why Not Jazz Room, 14 Christopher St., New York


Lauren Lee - Charley Sabatini CD release event presents an evening of duo performances. Please check back for details as the complete line up emerges.



One of New York’s Shining Voices. . .  a singer’s singer,  a writer of music and stories who weaves magic.
• Quinn, MetroMedia Radio

an audacious artist [who] flouts genre limitations, singing songs for the love of it and delivering an inventive, thrilling, appealing musical vision.
• Richardson, Blogcritics

The kind of fresh individuality that makes you want to hear more.
• Santella,  L.A. Jazz Scene

. . . her warm, open rapport with the audience allowed us to willingly enter into her world of music . . . She pulls you into her spell. . . Keep an eye out for her name. She's well worth a visit to whatever nightspot is hosting her.
• Hall,

"TranceFormation in Concert" is a scintillating demonstration of the art of improvisation. . . an exhilarating sonic image of where jazz (and jazz singing in particular) is located today and hints at the possible routes it might take tomorrow.
• Crowther,

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