➤ INTERVIEW: RIVETING RIFFS MAGAZINE  Long after the song is over. . .
     you are still left in awe of what you just experienced.

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     a singer’s singer,  a writer of music and stories who weaves magic.

"Parallel Lives"
Michael Nastos Best CDs of 2011
Elzy Kolb Best Vocal 2011
WKLC Music Hour Album Feature
Curt's Jazz Cafe Best of 2011 Notable Mention

"TranceFormation in Concert"
A 2012 Downbeat Best Vocal CD Critics Poll Selection
The kind of fresh individuality that makes you want to hear more.
• Santella,  L.A. Jazz Scene

"TranceFormation in Concert" is a scintillating demonstration of the art of improvisation. . . an exhilarating sonic image of where jazz (and jazz singing in particular) is located today and hints at the possible routes it might take tomorrow.
• Crowther,

. . . her warm, open rapport with the audience allowed us to willingly enter into her world of music . . . She pulls you into her spell. . . Keep an eye out for her name. She's well worth a visit to whatever nightspot is hosting her.
• Hall,

an audacious artist [who] flouts genre limitations, singing songs for the love of it and delivering an inventive, thrilling, appealing musical vision.
• Richardson, Blogcritics

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Performance Calendar


House Concert, Bozeman, MT


A return to Bozeman, MT and a concert with the wonderful Ann Tappan (piano), Kelly Roberti (bass), and MJ Williams (trombone & vocal). If you'd like to attend, please email for location details.

Age limit: All ages


Andrea Wolper Trio

80 Pine St., New York, NY


There will be music throughout downtown in remembrance of September 11. We'll be playing in the lobby of 80 Pine St, 12:30 - 1:30.

Free and open to the public


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