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A singer who brings songs to life, whatever their source, working in a milieu that begins with jazz and reaches out to embrace an expressive area that is uniquely her own. 
• Heckman, International Review of Music

Andrea Wolper brings unique style to Bay Area.
• Gilbert

Andrea Wolper, who has a very attractive voice, always has a sense of adventure in her singing.
Scott Yanow, The Jazz Singers: The Ultimate Guide (Backbeat Books)

Whether it's a personal interaction or an encounter with art of any kind, "it's not perfection that moves us," says Wolper. "it's individuality. If you think of a person you care about, it's the imperfections that make them interesting. For me, it's an ongoing process of finding my individual voice as a musician, and hoping that I have something to express that might speak to somebody." (more)
Rick Marx, The Villager

To hear the effortless, warm notes that Wolper conjures forth is to hear the sound of a woman truly born to sing. Her voice soars and slides as though perfectly at home, stepping softly down well-worn hallways of smoky jazz, climbing gracefully up stairs of cheery elegance, and descending fearlessly into darkened basement corners of melancholic blues. With a repertoire that comprises uniquely interpreted standards, original compositions, and even the odd poem set to music, Wolper offers up a variety of textures and moods in her music.
Cole Hons, Centre Daily Times

Andrea. . . simmers on jazz swingers. . . Her throaty fondling of melodies recalls some of those '50s-era white girls (Chris Connor, June Christy, Julie London), but ultimately seems more indebted to the late Carmen McRae and her ilk; like McRae, Wolper understands the importance of jazz's lyric content-- not shying away from starkness, dark beauty or introspection--and knows how to engage her sidemen as sly, interpretive co-conspirators.
Tim DuRoche, Willamette Week


Scott Yanow's "The Jazz Singers:
The Ultimate Guide"