2019 photo © Jean Ramirez

One of New York’s Shining Voices. . .  a singer’s singer,  a writer of music and stories who weaves magic. 
Bill Quinn, MetroMedia Radio

The evening's most enjoyable portions...were to be found in the handful of songs performed by vocalist Andrea Wolper, whose straightforward touch brought needed lift to such tried-and-true favorites as "Slow Boat to China," "The Girl from Ipanema," and "The Lady is a Tramp." With plenty of sunshine to spare, she and the band bounced their way from one gem to another, leaving a glittering trail in their wake. Most memorable was their take on "Just Friends," which in a uniquely downtempo arrangement breathed with fresh emotional impact. more  
Tyran Grillo review, AllAboutJazz - Heavenly Big Band concert 

Their voices blended like smooth, rich honey caressing the audience. I can only hope that for Mary Foster Conklin and Andrea Wolper this is but the first of many shows together. more

The Andrea Wolper Quartet gave an exciting and amazingly creative performance to a full house. 
Charlottesville Jazz Society 

Wolper immediately established herself as a woman of great intelligence and refined taste. And yet, her warm, open rapport with the audience allowed us to willingly enter into her world of music, which was often experimental but never off-putting. . . .  her power lies in a slow seduction, something quiet and sly and confident, which ultimately wins you over. She pulls you into her spell. The three musicians that backed her on this night certainly added to the seduction. Even after having played together for some time, they are not phoning it in, and they appeared to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. . .  Andrea Wolper, another hardworking singer refining her craft year after year, finding her joy on stages large and small, but mostly in the endless joy of creative collaboration. Keep an eye out for her name. She's well worth a visit to whatever nightspot is hosting her. more 
Kevin Scott Hall, 

Wolper's voice was simply fantastic, and she bowled over the audience, whether in perfect stylistic interpretation of a slow, lyrical blues, or in her amusing arrangement layering riffs from Van Morrison's "Moondance" underneath Cole Porter's "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To". . .  (more 

Andrea’s realm is somewhere between words, music, the universe, and the river: Glowing  
Mark Weber, KUNM-FM, Albuquerque 

A brave, unpredictable and soulful singer whose warm and sensual voice draws the listener into her delectable world. . . Ms. Wolper is an artist of uncompromising sincerity and creativity. When she is on stage, it is obvious how much she likes to connect with her audience. . . Her charm, grace and versatility made this a poignant and meaningful musical event. 
Ayana Lowe, JazzNow 

Her repertoire was varied. . .on all of them Andrea imparts her own creativity. . . although her improvising is quite free it is always logical and with a means to an end. Andrea loves interaction with the musicians, she encourages them to improvise with her (simultaneous improvisation). She is always aware of what is happening around her, in a way she is like a conductor, making little signs to the musicians. On "Summertime," although she goes into uncharted territory with some fantastic free singing, the audience accepts it because there is always the anchor with the basic melody, something that they can fall back on, and in a way I think that this the secret to Andrea's acceptability. She can be out, but she remains in. Like always they where some highlights, and one of them was "Willow Weep For Me" [which] she sang with great feeling, and clarity; this was goose bumps territory, she gave us all she had, and it was a lot believe me. On this number the interaction between Andrea and Mike Rossi on saxophone was just sublime. It must be so difficult to perform such complex music with musicians from the other side of the world, people that you never played before, they had a few hours of practice together, but they did pull it off, and did it well. Andrea is definitely part of this new breed of creative jazz singer that will keep this music called jazz move forward. Andrea Wolper reminded me of the reason why I love jazz. 
Serge Jeannet, Cape Town Jazz Society 

Her command is impressive. . . she brought vibrant energy, beauty, sophistication to our concert, handling the material with great ease, maturity in jazz [and] sheer delight. Her entire presentation, from her musical talents to her dynamic ability to entertain and connect with audiences, have us looking forward to a long musical association. 
Nick Mathis, concert producer