Why Not Experiment?
Series Archive
February 23, 2014 - November, 29, 2015

I curated a weekly experimental music series called "Why Not Experiment?" at Whynot Jazz Room, 14 Christopher St., in Greenwich Village, from February 23, 2014 - November 29, 2015.

Newman Taylor Baker - Marvin Sewell



Sunday, October 25    
7 & 8:30 pm Terrence McManus/Ellery Eskelin/Billy Mintz     
Terrence McManus, guitar and compositions; Ellery Eskelin, saxophone; Billy Mintz, drums 

Sunday, October 18    
7 & 8:30 pm Retrograde LIVE RECORDING FOR ESP RECORDS    
Matt Lavelle, trumpet and alto clarinet; Reggie Sylvester, drums 

Sunday, October 11    
7 & 8:30 pm Schlicht/Griffin/Sikora/Grillot/Grassi    
Stephanie Griffin, viola; Catherine Sikora, soprano and tenor sax; Ursel Schlicht, Fender Rhodes; Francois Grillot, bass; Lou Grassi, drums 

Sunday, October 4    
7 pm Warchester: Nathaniel Morgan, alto sax; Anna Webber, tenor sax    
8:30 pm Rallidae: Angela Morris, saxophone, voice; Alex Samaras, voice; Dustin Carlson, guitar, voice; Scott Colberg, acoustic bass, voice; Jason Nazary, drums 

Sunday, September 27 
7 pm Caine/de Prophetis Duo: Maryanne de Prophetis, voice; Adam Caine, guitar 
8:30 pm Iacovone-Grillot-Selinger: Rocco John Iacovone, alto sax; Francois Grillot, bass; Gil Selinger, cello 

Sunday, September 20 
7 pm James Brandon Lewis - Chad Taylor Duo: James Brandon Lewis: saxophone; Chad Taylor, drums 
8:30 pm James Brandon Lewis Trio: James Brandon Lewis: saxophone; Luke Stewart, bass; Warren Crudup III, drums 

Sunday, September 13 
7 pm Armadillo in Sunset Park: Kyoko Kitamura (voice, Rhodes, compositions); Mark Lamb (spoken word, movement, story compositions) 
8:30 pm ExPosed Blues Duo: Fay Victor (voice, compositions); Anders Nilsson, guitar 
Sunday, September 6 
7 & 8:30 pm Michael Attias - Ken Filiano Duo 

Sunday, August 30 
7 & 8:30 pm Gitesha: Gitesha, vocals, drums, percussion, keyboard, loops, harmonizer; Ratzo Harris, bass, loops; Special guests: Sarah James, flute; Santiago, melodica 

Sunday, August 23 
7 pm James Wengrow Group: James Wengrow, guitar; Anna Webber, saxophone; Adam Hopkins, bass; Nathan Ellman-Bell, drums 
8:30 pm Johnson/Rainey/Viner: Edward Johnson, Rhodes; Tom Rainey, drums; Jeremy Viner, tenor saxophone/clarinet 

Sunday, August 16 
7 & 8:30 pm Phase Reader: Sam Weinberg, tenor saxophone; Jake Henry, trumpet; Andrew Smiley, guitar; Nick Podgurski, drums 

Sunday, August 9 
7 pm: Anais Maviel, solo voice and percussion 
8:30 pm Miya Masaoka Duo: Miya Masaoka, koto; Al Margolis, electronics 

Sunday, August 2 
7 & 8:30 pm Darius Jones Quartet: Matt Mitchell, Rhodes; Sean Conley, bass; Ches Smith, drums; Darius Jones, alto sax 

Sunday, July 26 
7 pm Claire de Brunner and Friends I: Jake Sokolov Gonzalez, cello; Anais Maviel, voice; Claire de Brunner, bassoon 
8:30 pm Claire de Brunner and Friends II: Tom Chess, oud, ney, morsing; Dan Kurfirst, percussion; Claire de Brunner, bassoon 

Sunday, July 19 
7 & 8:30 pm James Ilgenfritz Qt: James Ilgenfritz, bass; Yoni Kretzmer, saxophone; Jonah Rosenberg, Fender Rhodes; Lou Grassi, drums 

Sunday, July 12 
7 & 8:30 pm Lola Danza: Lola Danza, voice; Don Pate, bass; Marc Edwards, drums 

Sunday, July 5 
7 pm Denver General: Kirk Knuffke, cornet; Jeff Davis, drums; Jonathan Goldberger, guitar 
8:30 pm Anna Webber Quartet: Anna Webber, woodwinds; Jonathan Goldberger, guitar; Jeff Davis, drums; Michael Bates, bass 

Sunday, June 28 
7 & 8:30 pm  KNN: Ken Kobayashi, drums; Anders Nilsson, guitar; Todd Nicholson, bass 
Sunday, June 21 
7 pm Cheryl Richards with Adam Caine and Nick Lyons: Cheryl Richards, voice; Adam Caine, guitar; Nick Lyons, saxophone 
8:30 pm Aural Compass: Francois Grillot, bass; Richard Tabnik, alto sax; Lou Grassi, drums 

Sunday, June 14 
7 & 8:30 pm Jessica Ackerley Trio: Jessica Ackerley, guitar and compositions; Mat Muntz, bass; Curtis Nowosad, drums 

Sunday, June 7 
7pm:  Schlicht-Swell Duo: Ursel Schlicht - Fender Rhodes, Steve Swell, trombone 
8.30pm: Statements: Ursel Schlicht - Fender Rhodes, Hans Tammen, live sound processing 

Sunday, May 31 
7 & 8:30 pm Jason Mears' 20 Ton Bridge: Jason Mears, wood winds; Quentin Tolimieri, Fender Rhodes; James Ilgenfritz, bass; Andrew Drury, drums 

Sunday, May 24 
7 & 8:30 pm Centipede: Charles Downs, drums; Billy Stein, guitar;Larry Roland, bass; Ras Moshe, tenor sax; Michael Moss, tenor sax 

Sunday, May 17 
7 pm Vinny Golia - Ken Filiano Duo: Vinny Golia, woodwinds; Ken Filiano, bass 
8:30 pm Jeremy Danneman Featuring Sophie Nzayisenga: Jeremy Danneman, saxophone and woodwinds; Sophie Nzayisenga, inanga and vocals; William Parker, bass; Tim Keiper, percussion; Anders Nilsson, guitar 

Sunday, May 10 
7 & 8:30 pm Katie Bull Group: Katie Bull, vocals/composition; Landon Knoblock, Fender Rhodes/electronics; Joe Fonda, bass; George Schuller, drums 

Sunday, May 3: 
7 pm Jo-hann: Tsuyoshi Niwa, flute; ​Sarah Bernstein, violin; Ken Kobayashi, drums; ​Jochem van Dijk, bass​ /effects 
8:30 pm GaGouDij{Ya}: Yasuno Katsuki, euphonium; Evan Gallagher, Fender Rhodes; Dave Gould, drums; Jochem van Dijk, bass 
Sunday, Apr. 26 
7 & 8:30 Joe Fiedler Trio: Joe Fiedler, trombone; Rob Jost, bass; Michael Sarin, drums 

Sunday, Apr. 19 
7 - 9:30 pm: Ted Daniel & the International Brass and Membrane Corps: Newman Taylor Baker, percussion; Joseph Daley, tuba; Charles Burnham, violin; Ted Daniel, cornet. 

Sunday, Apr. 12 
7 - 9:30 pm: Bob Feldman's Triplicity: Bob Feldman, saxophone; Terrence McManus, guitar; Michael Evans, drums 

Sunday, Mar. 29 
7 - 9:30 pm: Orchid: Todd Neufeld, guitar; Carlo Costa, drums; Armando Montana, electric bass 

7 - 9:30 pm The Jazz and Poetry Choir Collective: Michael TA Thompson, conductor, soundrhythium; EJ Antonio, poetry; Rosi Hertlein,  violin, poetry; Ras Moshe, flute, saxophone; Larry Roland, bass, poetry; Golda Solomon, poetry; Phylisha Villanueva - poetry 

Sunday, Mar. 15 
7:00 pm: Daniel Carter/Jair-Rohm Parker Wells Duo: Daniel Carter, saxes and trumpet; Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, bass and electronics 
8:30 pm: Biggie Vinkeloe and Friends: Biggi Vinkelo, sax; Daniel Carter, saxes and trumpet; Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, bass and electronics; Andrea Wolper, voice 

Sunday, Mar. 8 
7:00 - 9:30 pm: Anders Nilsson & Michael Attias Duo: Anders Nilsson, electric guitar; Michael Attias, alto sax 

Sunday, Mar. 1 
7:00 - 9:30 pm: Sonic Calligraphy: Jason Kao Hwang, violin, viola; Peggy Chew, vocals; Adrian Frey, Fender Rhodes 

7:00 pm - Katja Cruz - Howard Curtis Duo: Katja Cruz, voice, Howard Curtis, drums, percussion 
8:30 pm : Andrea Wolper's IP: Andrea Wolper, voice, compositions; Eri Yamamoto, Fender Rhodes; Ken Filiano, bass; Jason Kao Hwang, violin 
9:45 pm:  Open Improv Anniversary Jam 

Sunday, Feb. 15 
7:00 pm: Kenny Wessel Trio: Kenny Wessell, guitar; Gary Wang, bass; Russ Meissner, drums 
8:30 pm: Brian Groder Trio: Michael Bisio, bass; Jay Rosen, drums; Brian Groder, trumpet & compositions 

Sunday, Feb. 8 
7:00 - 9:30 pm: UpSurge! Raymond Nat Turner, poetry; Zigi Lowenberg, poetry; Ken Filiano, bass; Lou Grassi, drums; Jessica Jones, sax 

Sunday, Feb. 1 
7:00 pm: Twins of El Dorado: Joe Moffet, trumpet; Kristin Slipp, voice 
8:30 pm: Rallidae: Angela Morris, saxophone, voice; Alex Samaras, voice; Dustin Carlson,  guitar, voice; Scott Colberg, acoustic bass, voice 

Sunday, Jan. 25 
7:00 pm: Bern Nix - Cheryl Pyle Duo: Bern Nix, guitar; Cheryl Pyle, flute 
8:30 pm: Patrick Brennan's Rōnin Phasing: alto saxophone 

Sunday, Jan. 18 
7:00 pm: The New York Free Quartet: Mike Moss, tenor, bass clarinet, flutes; Steve Cohn, Fender Rhodes, shakuhachi, trombone; Larry Roland, bass, poetry; Chuck Fertal, drums, percussion 
8:30 pm: Outside Within: Waldron Ricks, trumpet; Lance Bryant, tenor, soprano; Larry Roland, bass, poetry; Mamiko Watanabe, Fender Rhodes; Mike Wimberly, drums, percussion; Terry Davis, voice 

Sunday, Jan. 11 
7:00 pm: Velocity Duo: Lauren Lee, vocals; Charley Sabatino, bass 
8:30 pm: Elena Camerin and Khabu Doug Young: Elena Camerin, voice; Khabu Doug Young, baritone guitar, ukulele 

Sunday, Jan. 4 
7:00 pm: Jessica Jones - Tony Jones Duo 
8:30 pm: The Low Strung Duet: Charlie Burnham, violin, mandocello, vocals; Marika Hughes, cello and vocals 

Sunday, Dec. 28 
7:00 pm: Ras Moshe Group: Ras Moshe, tenor sax and flute; Kyoko Kitamura, voice; Sean Conly, bass; Joe Gallant, bass; Reuben Radding, bass 
8:30 pm: Gauci/Kretzmer Quartet: Stephen Gauci, tenor sax/compositions; Yoni Kretzmer, tenor sax/compositions; Ken Filiano, bass; Michael Wimberly, drums 

Sunday, Dec. 21 
7:00 - 9:30 pm: Flip City: David Aaron, tenor and soprano saxes; Will McEvoy, bass; Dave Gould, drums 

Sunday, Dec. 14 
7:00 - 9:30 pm: Marika Hughes Quartet: Marika Hughes, cello & voice; Charlie Burnham, violin & Rhodes; Fred Cash, bass; Marvin Sewell, gtr. 

Sunday, Dec. 7 
7:00 - 9:30 pm Adam Caine Quartet: Adam Caine, guitar; Adam Lane, bass; Nick Lyons, alto sax; Federico Ughi, drums 

Sunday, Nov. 30 
7:00 pm Contrumplation: Jonathan Saraga,  trumpet; Adam O`Farrill, trumpet 
8:30 pm Contrumplation + 2: Jonathan Saraga,  trumpet; Adam O`Farrill, trumpet; Nick Dunston, bass; Rodrigo Recabarren, drums 

Sunday, Nov. 23 
7:00 pm JAN: Keith Lewis, voice; Super Natsuki Tamura, didgeridoo; Ken Kobayashi, drums, percussion; Jochem van Dijk,  bass & effects 
8:30 pm Lisa Mezzacappa Trio: Chris Welcome, guitar; Lisa Mezzacappa, acoustic bass; Mike Pride, drums 

Sunday, Nov. 16 
7:00 - 9:30 pm Mary LaRose "Reincarnation": Mary LaRose, voice; Jeff Lederer, reeds; Mark Feldman, violin; Joe Fiedler, trombone; Rene Hart, bass; Matt Wilson, drums 

Sunday,  Nov. 9 
7:00 - 9:30 pm Jay Rosen - Ted Daniel - Michael Marcus: Jay Rosen, drums; Ted Daniel, trumpet; Michael Marcus, clarinet 

Sunday, Nov. 2 
7:00 - 9:30 pm Rigby/Baggetta/Schuller: Jason Rigby, tenor sax; Mike Baggetta, guitar; George Schuller, drums 

Sunday, Oct. 26 
7:00 - 9:30 pm Tim Ferguson's Inside/out: Tim Ferguson, bass; Rob Henke, trumpet; Diane Moser, Fender Rhodes. 
Sunday, Oct. 19 
7:00 - 9:30 pm Ross Hammond Quartet: Ross Hammond, guitar; Max Johnson, bass; Mike Pride, drums; James Brandon Lewis, saxophone 

Sunday, Oct. 12 
7:00 - 9:30 pm Jay Clayton - Ken Filiano Double Duo 

Sunday, Oct. 5 
7:00 pm Harmolodic Monk: Matt Lavelle, alto clarinet, trumpet, flugelhorn; John Pietaro, vibes, percussion 
8:30 pm The Rocco John Trio: Rocco John Iacovone, alto and soprano saxes; Christopher Gorden Forbes, keyboard; Phil Sirois, bass 
Sunday, Sept. 28 
7:30 pm Newman Taylor Baker - Marvin Sewell Duo: Newman Taylor Baker, washboard; Marvin Sewell, guitars 
9:00 pm Washboard XT: Joe Ford, soprano sax; Gerry Eastman, guitar; Josh David, electric bass; Newman Taylor Baker, washboard 

Sunday, Sept. 21 
7:30 - 10 pm Accortet: Ted Daniel, cornet; Art Bailey,  accordion; Michael Wimberly, drums; Michael Bisio, bass 
Sunday, Sept. 14 
7:30 pm Lena Bloch-Billy Mintz Trio: Lena Bloch, saxophone; Billy Mintz, drums, Cameron Brown, bass 
9:00 pm Aural Compass: Francois Grillot, bass; Richard Tabnik, alto sax; Lou Grassi, drums 
Sunday, Sept. 7 
7:30 pm Mark Lamb Project : Mark Lamb, storyteller; Marlon Cherry, guitar; Helen Yee, violin and loopin 
9 pm Maryanne DeProphetis and Philip Sirois Duo 

Sunday, August 31 
7:30 pm William Hooker Qt.: William Hooker, drums; Dave Soldier, violin; Ellwood Epps trumpet 
9 pm Amigo-Nix Duo: Cristian Amigo, guitar; Bern Nix, guitar 

Sunday, August 24 
7:30 - 9:30 pm Two Sisters, Inc. Claire Daly, baritone sax, Dave Hofstra, bass; Dave Sewelson, bass 
Sunday, August 17 
7:30 pm Lyrebird: Matt Darriau, world winds, sax, loops, and Katie Down, glass objects, steel cello, voice, loops 
9:00 pm Open Music Ensemble: Jonathan Saraga, trumpet; John Murchison, upright bass; Jun Ando, koto; Kaveh Haghtalab, percussion 
Sunday, August 10 
7:30 pm Bob Feldman's Triplicity: Bob Feldman, tenor sax, flute; Jonas Tauber, bass; Michael Evans, drums 
9 pm Patrick Breiner's Double Double: Patrick Breiner, tenor saxophone and clarinet; Will McEvoy, bass; Greg Chudzik, bass; Flin van Hemmen, drums 

Sunday, August 3 
7:30 pm T Taylor, solo saxophone 
9 pm Dominic Fragman, solo drum set 

Sunday, July 27 
7:30 pm Beyond Duo: Cheryl Pyle, flute; Francois Grillot, bass 
9 pm Manna For Thought: Nora McCarthy, vocals and poetry; Dom Minasi, guitar; Ras Moshe, reeds. 
Sunday, July 20 
7:30 pm Satoshi Takeishi & Jonathan Goldberger: Satoshi Takeishi, percussion and electronics; Michael Attias, saxophone 
9 pm Jason Kao Hwang's Amygdala: Rami Seo, gayakeum; Jason Kao Hwang, composer/violin/viola 

Sunday, July 1 
7:30 - 9:30 pm Fay Victor Ensemble: Fay Victor, voice; Anders Nilsson, guitar; Ken Filiano, bass 

Sunday, July 6 
7:30 - 9:30 pm  Andrew Drury's ContenTrio: Briggan Krauss, alto saxophone; Ingrid Laubrock, tenor saxophone; Andrew Drury, drum/compositions 

Sunday, June 29 
7:30 pm Harmolodic Monk: Matt Lavelle, alto clarinet, trumpet, flugelhorn; John Pietaro, vibes, percussion 
9 pm Inspiracy Duo: Kali Z. Fasteau, Fender Rhodes, voice, drum set, nai flutes, mizmar; L. Mixashawn Rozie, tenor and soprano sax, flute, djembe CD RELEASE CELEBRATION! 
Sunday, June 15 
7:30 pm Unplugged: Marco Cappelli, guitar; James Ilgenfritz, double bass 
9 pm Sean Moran's Small Elephant Band: Sean Moran, nylon string guitar; Mike McGinnis, clarinets; Chris Dingman, vibraphone; Reuben Radding, bass; Harris Eisenstadt, drums 

Sunday, June 22 
7:30 pm Andrea Wolper's IP: Andrea Wolper, voice; Eri Yamamoto, Fender Rhodes; Ken Filiano, bass; Michael TA Thompson, soundrhythium 
9 pm Nick Lyons Nick Lyons, alto saxophone; Lorenzo Sanguedolce, tenor saxophone; Pete Swanson, bass; Todd Capp, drums 

Sunday, June 8 
7:30 pm Han-earl Park - Tom Rainey Duo: Han-earl Park, guitar; Tom Rainey, drums 
9 pm TransAtlantico: Lamy Istrefi (Kosovo), drums, percussion, sound efx; Lawrence Leathers (USA), drums, sound efx; Brahim Fribgane (Morocco), percussion, goumbri, oud, sound efx. 
Sunday, June 1 
7:30 - 9:30 pm Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys: Jon Irabagon, alto & tenor sax; Peter Betenc, bass; Mike Pride, drums, compositions; Alexis Marcelo, Fender Rhodes 

Sunday, May 25 
7:30 pm LaFrae Sci's 13th Amendment: LaFrae Sci, drums; Mazz Swift, violin; Aaron Whitby, Fender Rhodes 
9 pm William Hooker: Pralaya: solo drums and spoken word 

Sunday, May 18 
7:30 pm Keepnews/Bisio/Berger: James Keepnews, guitar; Michael Bisio, bass; Dave Berger, drums 
9 pm Clash of the Downtown Avengers: Fung Chern Hwei (violin) vs. Vicky Chow (Fender Rhodes) 

Sunday, May 11 
8  - 11 pm Eri Yamamoto Trio: Eri Yamamoto, Rhodes; David Ambrosio, acoustic bass; Ikuo Takeuchi, drums 

Sunday, May 4 
7:30 pm James Brandon Lewis Trio: James Brandon Lewis, saxophone; Max Johnson, bass; Dominic Fragman, drums 
9 pm Sikora-Chase Duo: Catherine Sikora, saxophone; Brian Chase, drums.    

Sunday, April 27 
7:30 pm The Four Bags: Brian Drye, trombone; Jacob Garchik, accordion; Sean Moran, guitar; Mike McGinnis, woodwinds 
9:00 pm Nashaz: Brian Prunka, oud; Kenny Warren, trumpet; Reuben Radding, bass; George Mel, drums 

Sunday, April 20 
8 pm Duo Istrefi-Petrov: Lamy Istrefi, Jr., drums, percussion; Aleksander Petrov, tapan (traditional Macedonian drum), percussion 
10 pm Eridanus: Lamy Istrefi, Jr., drums, percussion, effects; Joe Hertenstein, stone table, effects; George Spanos, percussion; On Ka'a Davis, guitar; Elias Meister, guitar, electronics 

Sunday, April 13 
7:30 pm Mary LaRose Reincarnation Project: Mary LaRose, vocals; Jeff Lederer-clarinet and musical direction, arrangements; Mark Feldman, Felicia Wilson, violin; Nicole Federici, viola; Alisa Horn, cello; Rene Hart, bass 
9 pm Lisa Sokolov Lisa Sokolov, voice, keyboard; Jake Sokolov-Gonzalez, cello, electronics 

Sunday, April 6 
7:30 pm Judi Silvano’s Riding a Zephyr Quintet: Judi Silvano, voice; Kenny Wessel, guitar; Adam Kolker, saxophone; Ratzo B. Harris, bass; Lamy Istrefi, drums 
9 pm Brian Adler's Helium Music Project: Nick Kadajski, alto saxophone; Josh Deutsch, trumpet; Danny Fox, Fender Rhodes; Rene Hart, bass; Brian Adler, drums/percussion 

Sunday, March 30 
7:30 pm Vinny Golia-Ken Filiano Duo 
9 pm Baudalino's Dilemma: Ken Filiano, bass; Warren Smith, percussion; Vinny Golia, woodwinds; Michael TA Thompson, soundrhythium 

Sunday, March 23 
8 pm Cheryl Pyle & Premik Russell Tubbs 

Sunday, March 16 
7:30 pm Kaleidos Duo (Sayun Chang, percussion; Yovianna Garcia, guitar) 
9 pm Newman Taylor Baker (washboard) & Marvin Sewell (guitar) Duo 
Sunday, March 9 
7:30 pm Jay Clayton's Different Voices: Jay solo set plus vocal improvisation ensemble: Amanda Bloom, Carol Flamm, Karen Goldfeder, Nora McCarthy, Alexis Parsons, Kendra Shank, Judi Silvano, Andrea Wolper 
Sunday, February 23 
7:30 pm The Katie Bull Group: Katie Bull, vocals, Landon Knoblock, fender rhodes & electronics; Joe Fonda, bass; Deric Dickens, drums; Jeff Lederer, tenor sax. 
9 pm Solo MazzMuse: Mazz Swift electric violin, electronics 


Sunday, November 1    
7 & 8:30 pm The Neo Urban Folk Experiment    
Larry Roland, bass and poetry; Michael Moss, tenor sax, bass clarinet, flutes; Chuck Fertal, trap drums, small percussion    

Sunday, November 8    
7 Charlie Waters Trio    
8:30 pm Charlie Waters Quartet with Strings:    
Charles Waters, saxophone, clarinet; Andrew Barker, drums; Chris Mcintrye, trombone; George Rush, bass; Ron Caswell, tuba;, Nuzion Strings: Katie Pawluk, Olivier Samouillan    

Sunday, November 15    
7:30 pm Mazz Swift 
8:30 pm Marika Hughes 

Sunday, November 22    
7 & 8:30 pm Jeremy Carlstedt "Stars are Far" CD RELEASE CELEBRATION    
Jeremy Carlstedt, drums; Brian Settles, saxophone; Tim Motzer, guitar and electronics; Eric Wheeler, bass    

Sunday, November 29    
7 & 8:30 PM Centipede    
Joe McPhee, tenor sax; Ras Moshe, tenor sax; Billy Stein, guitar; Larry Roland, bass; Charles Downs, drums